About Us

Sundar Serendipity Foundation was founded by Mr. K. Ramu, in 1996. Dr Malavika Vinod Kumar is the Managing Trustee. Sundar Serendipity Foundation has been involved in combating Micronutrient malnourishment for over 20 years. Our focus has been to tackle the mammoth problem confronting India and other developing countries namely hidden hunger caused due to multiple micronutrient deficiencies. Since 1998 we have been producing Sundar Health salt, a multiple micronutrient enriched cooking salt. Sundar Serendipity Foundation is working towards combating these multiple micronutrient deficiencies in the most vulnerable groups namely women and children in malnourished communities.
Sundar Serendipity Foundation seeks the partnerships of other like minded philanthropic organizations, Foundations and Corporates to help in its mission of combating micronutrient malnourishment through Nutrition Education on the role of micronutrients in human health in rural villages and Social Marketing of the multiple micronutrient fortified salt.