Sundar Health Salt (Powder)

Sundar Health Salt is the first of its kind in the world wherein the iron is in chelated form and Vitamin A and other micronutrients work in synergy to provide best bio-absorption of all the micronutrients. 10gm of salt (an average individual consumption) per day would provide the daily requirements of the micronutrients. Since iron is in chelated form where in the bioavailability is much higher than unchelated iron, we have provided 50% of the RDA of iron. The salt is white in colour and clinical studies have shown that the micronutrients are extremely stable during storage and cooking and highly bioavailable. Generally the salt does not alter the colour of the cooked food and other organoleptic properties. The micronutrients in the salt are stable for one year.


Nutrient Nutrient in 100 Grams Salt Percentage of RDA (Required Daily Allowance )
Vitamin A : 10,000 IU 50
Vitamin B12: 10 mcg 100
Folic Acid : 1000 mcg 100
Iron : 1000 ppm 50
Iodine : 30 ppm 100
Zinc : 100 mg 100