Fortified with Micro-Nutrients. For Daily Cooking.

Sundar Health Salt is a revolutionary Cooking Salt that provides the most important Micronutrients for your family namely Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Iron, Iodine, and Zinc on a daily basis. Sundar Health Salt is a white free flowing salt and tastes like normal cooking salt. Thus you have the benefit of taste and nutrition.


While vegetarian food can be very balanced in providing nutrients, in practice this does not happen. Rice and Wheat contain mainly carbohydrates. Green leafy vegetables provide Vitamin A, Iron and other minerals. However, when vegetables are taken along with rice or wheat, the absorbtion of iron and other minerals like zinc is inhibited because of the presence of phytates in rice and wheat. Phytates in cereals and tannins in tea combine with the iron, zinc and other minerals that you consume through normal food are not fully absorbed by the body.


Thus Sundar Health Salt provides a revolutionary alternate pathway to provide the required daily allowance of the above vitamins and minerals for the entire family in best absorbable form at the lowest cost.

Health Benefits of Sundar Health Salt

Vitamin A : The Vitamin A in Sundar Health Salt helps improving immunity and good eyesight. It has been scientifically proven that the use of Sundar Health Salt improves the Vitamin A status.


Iron : The Iron provided by Sundar Health Salt carries oxygen to all parts of your body thus providing you with physical and mental energy. It also alleviates Anaemia thus improving your children’s concentration power. It has been scientifically proven that use of Sundar Health Salt has improved the iron status, memory and attention in children and productivity in adults.


Vitamin B12 : Vitamin B12 is not available in any vegetable food. The Vitamin B12 in Sundar Health Salt is important for growth of Red Blood Cells and also helps in protecting your Heart.


Folic Acid : The Folic Acid provided by Sundar Health Salt is essential for the birth of children without birth defects. Recent findings show that women should take folic acid even before pregnancy for it to be effective. However, by the time they realise they are pregnant and start taking Folic Acid Tablets, it might be too late. Thus continuous use of Sundar Health Salt ensures that there is adequate levels of Folic Acid in a Women’s body, even before she conceives. This Folic Acid is also good for the heart.


Iodine : Iodine is essential for good thyroid hormone function and it is essential for good health and intellectual development. The Iodine provided by Sundar Health Salt has been scientifically proven to significantly improve the memory of children.


Zinc : The Zinc in Sundar Health Salt provides immunity for the entire family. It particularly helps in reducing attacks of Diarrhoea and lung infection in children.